Event Info



SHOW DATES: Nov 19, 2021 – Jan 2, 2022
Santa Onsite: Dec. 18th – 23rd

Remember it is 1 Ticket Per Person

Get your tickets today! It is a great holiday event for the entire family. Tickets are $12 (mon-Thu) and $15 (Fri-Sun).

Remember it is 1 Ticket Per Person


Closed on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve You can arrive anytime to the Farm with your online purchased ticket. The last ticket will be accepted at the front gate at 9:30 p.m., Nightly. You will receive a confirmation email with an order number and barcode. We will collect your entry tickets at the front gate. *Tickets available online and at gate, check online for daily specials and discounts​

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable and are valid only for the date and time slot designated on the ticket.

Dogs are allowed on the farm. You however must follow the following guidelines: *All dogs need to stay on a leash at all times and please clean up after your dog*

Venue Rules
Participation and entrance

Please keep in mind that in the event of extreme weather (heavy rain, high winds, etc.) we may need to temporarily close the event for safety reasons. If this happens (closing of the show) we will reschedule your ticket to another date/time free of charge.

Participation and entrance into our event means you agree to abide by the Farm Roles

​Venue Rules

  • You are solely responsible for you and those in your party.
  • Maintain a safe distance from others and the light displays and animals.
  • Do not touch the light displays or animals any time for any reason.
  • Should an emergency arise, please notify one of the STAFF IMMEDIATELY, and they will take care of the situation.
  • Walk only on designated pathways.

Fun Facts

The dazzling lights design team spent over 10,000 hours discussing, drawing, measuring, wiring, and installing this breathtaking, vibrant, colorful walk-thru display. Each pre-lit prop, led light strand and display were strategically and methodically placed throughout the farm. We incorporated and used the highest level of materials and lighting products available. All of our metal fabricators, lighting & audio engineers, electricians, carpenters, general laborer’s and programming team stayed as “green” as possible through every facet of production. We are proud to say that over 98% of our light show is lit with lead’s! This fact, has truly separated us from other entities and helps keep both our power consumption and environmental footprint to a minimum. We hope you enjoy the light show!

​Did You Know……

  • There are 3 ceramic elves in the show
  • We put a true arizona flare in the show…..Saguaros
  • The reindeer each have custom name tags *
  • The skating rink took over 40 dump truck loads of dirt to build a level surface.
  • Over 500 rolls of black electrical tape was used
  • We have a snowman that is over 10 feet tall.
  • Light fields are made with 4 color custom light strands… these light strands have never been used anywhere else in the world!
  • Each song used in the light show has been synchronized to the millisecond!
  • The nativity scene is life size!